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You should be flying closer to the airport then. 27NM at furthest

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Then you simply need to get closer. About 27nm (or 25?) from the airport.

So I can’t choose it when I planing the route? I thought I could after I’ve seen a video on YouTube that did exactly that.

…no where did you hear that from? That vid may be outdated. Like fossilized old.

You mean the navigating in infinite flight video? That’s because it was a short flight in a cessna, meaning that the flight was less than 27NM.

Yeah, it was that video.

There’s your answer, the flight was short enough to configure ILS. Also, If IF was not supported on Android, why’s it in the play store in the first place?

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okey, my mad then. But I also have a question about the Trim. It seems like the nose always wants to be up in the sky. I used to have it on 30%.

Probably back heavy. Turn the weight down, speed up, push the nose down.

I can’t speed up more than I have.

What’s your airspeed? You can still be too slow. If you can properly brake, you’ll have enough runway to stop.

270 is my speed.

Ok now thats too fast. Whats your VS? Maybe turn your trim down from 30 to 0.

I’ll try that. Thank you!

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For your reference, 250 (airspeed) below 10000ft, under 200 to use APPR

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