APPR and Wind guests and trimming

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I´ve a question about APPR. I flew from Singapore to New York and turned to land at KFHD and then made another small swing to the left and then landed. However, the APPR mode did not react.

Is it really the case that the APPR only works if you make the course change directly to the runway, e.g. a left turn from 320 to 250 degrees to the runway, and don’t make a longer straight-in approach beforehand?

Is it also apparently the case that you first have to set NAV Set 1 and then the APPR mode and not the other way around for this to work? Because I mean, if you do it the other way round, APPR mode doesn’t work.

And with regard to wind and gusts of wind, I would like to know at what altitude there is no more wind, only turbulence, or whether there are also winds at cruising altitude, as there are at ground level.

The trims of the airplanes are only given in + in the corresponding wiki. But for the landings I make trims in minus, e.g. for the 777-200LR -20% on landing?

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APPR - this will usually only work properly if you are already turning towards the runway - this is realistic as IRL pilots are given an intercept vector (usually around 30° offset from the RWY heading) for the ILS to then capture and arm APPR mode. This is the same in Infinite Flight when you have Approach ATC online - if you request the ILS approach you will get (most of the time) an intercept vector to intercept the ILS cone.

As regards to needing to tune NAV 1/2 to the ILS - again this is realistic. IRL pilots need to tune their navigation system to pick up the ILS, this is the same in Infinite Flight. You need to tune the ILS to NAV 1/2 for APPR mode to work.

For straight in approaches - I recommend turning on APPR mode when just outside the ILS cone. Much further out, it will struggle to keep a level heading.

Winds - the winds in Infinite Flight are the same as in real life. There are winds at sea level, there are winds at cruise. You’ll find that winds tend to be strongest in the FL290-FL410 (29000ft-41000ft) window (approximately) as that is where the jet streams are. Turbulence once again the same - if there is turbulence somewhere IRL, there will be turbulence in Infinite Flight.

In short, the winds are (usually) strongest while you are cruising.

You will usually find there are much calmer winds around the equator compared to closer to the poles - this is to do with various geophysical factors with the Earth that I won’t go into detail on. You can google how this works if you want to. is a good website for looking at what the winds are doing IRL - you can set it to various different altitudes.

Trim - the community-made guides/wikis don’t take into account everything. They are made using basic parameters for simplicity and to give rough figures.

Basically you have the trim box on the left hand side of the HUD - you want it so there is no coloured line in the box.

If the coloured line is going down from the middle you need more positive trim - if the coloured line is going up you need more negative trim.

Any other questions/queries - feel free to send me a message.


Negative trim for landing in normal circumstances just makes life harder, constantly applying back pressure to maintain a stable approach. In the 777 I usually have the trim between 30-40% for takeoff or landing depending on weight, flap setting, etc.

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