APPR and when to use it

When should I turn on APPR? It seems when I turn it on it turns violently and makes it unrealistic. Just wondering what altitude or how far away from the airport I should turn it on

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To make it less violent, I recommend you turn it on when your pretty much in line with both the localizer and glideslope, and inside the cone. This means it won’t have to make massive turns, just small corrections possibly.

Over the years I’ve developed a plan. Heading differential of 30 degrees from runway heading (example if coming from the north set heading 240 degrees for runway 27). Engage appr only after VS has gone back to 0fpm and give yourself room. You need to be below glide slope and away from the loc to avoid very violet attitude changes.

Complete opposite

I’d recommend that you check out this very handy tutorial:

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VS for level flight
GS above you
30 deg maximum intercept angle (roughly - it doesn’t have to be super precise)

What not to do: being in a VNAV descent (or any descent) with glideslope above you (this guarantees a jarring attitude correction when you hit APPR)

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Some aircraft are always very smooth in the turn to intercept (with roughly the 30 deg limitation). I’m thinking maybe some typically make intercept turns smoothly and some do not. But I never tried to sort the two lists in detail.

The TBM? (need to test)
But something like the 737’s, from memory, seem to intercept the LOC smoothly, and various others?

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