Hi everyone, I am just looking for some advice really on if I am doing something wrong when engaging APPR, my airspeed is always below 200 knots or at 200 knots, and I am always within 30 degrees of the runway heading and always below the glide-slope, however, when I engage APPR and I am still descending to 3000ft for example, the aircraft will jump unrealistically to 0vs from 700vs for example.

Aircraft IRL when configuring to join the ILS engage APPR when they’re still descending to gradually capture the glide-slope and localiser, however, when I do this in Infinite Flight it makes the VS jump to 0. This is 99% of the time, only a few times this doesn’t happen, can someone help, or does anyone else have this issue?

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In order to avoid the jolt in VS, it’s best to level off, then engage APPR


I can say… That… U didn’t saw how does A320 APPR work… It is very unstable.

It’s not supposed to be this way but that is what always happens with the current system. As said above, the best thing is to level off and then turn on APPR

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