APPR Added to all airliners.

This is something that has been needed In Infinite Flight that doesn’t make any why it hasn’t been added in the first place. If you’re flying online, you notice you are in no control of the weather, therefore, Turbulence, Winds, Or VISIBILITY, can change at any sudden moment. What happens when it doesn’t change and you are about to land? You use auto land, Right? Now let’s say that Aircraft does not have Auto-land? E.g. A380,747,A340, etc. Why don’t all the Aircraft’s have APPR? It doesn’t make sense that Certain Aircraft’s wouldn’t have it. It doesn’t make ANY sense how the A332F has APPR as that’s the oldest aircraft in the game with APPR but all the others doesn’t. Not even the 747 Family has APPR. It’s easier to Land when you can see(Obviously) and thanks to the crosswind tutorial on the IFYT, It’s not that complicated to land with strong winds. This feature is something that has to be added in at LEAST 22.8/22.9.

APPR will be added to aircraft that have an Approach mode IRL. If an aircraft doesn’t have one at the moment and it should such as the aircraft you’ve mentioned, when those aircraft are reworked, you can expect to see APPR mode introduced to them at that time.