APPR activation

Why is it when I activate APPR, I’m getting the stall warning and my plane goes into a dive. I thought one you set up everything correctly then activate APPR it will land you straight in the middle of the runway.

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It will do exactly what you said. However you’ve overthought it. You have to maintain the speed yourself. If you let the throttle sit, you will lose speed and stall

You have to make sure you’re somewhat aligned with the glideslope and localizer. The closer you’re lined up to the LOC, the smoother it will be when you activate APPR. Matt programed auto land to sort of glide up a little bit if you’re below what would be the glideslope, but you haven’t actually intercepted it yet. This prevents the plane from pulling up to try and gain bunch of altitude, just to lose it again as you get closer to the runway.