Applying to IFATC

so I will be applying to join the IFATC in the upcoming days (waiting to finish my 500 ops requirement ).
and I was advised to take the practice test, so for the people who took the practice test and the real one, is it completely different from the real one or similar or is their at least some similarities in the form of questions??
I would really appreciate any additional tips to get ready for the written test!!
Thanks and enjoy your day!!

P.S I scored 100% on both tries in the practice test ;)


The practice test is very similar to the Written. The format is the same except the questions will be different!


100% is a great score on the practice! Just know that it may be easier then the real thing so try to continue to study so you pass. Good luck!


sure thing, never stopped learning never will :)


Different questions, same concept. The questions themselves will be focused on most of the stuff covered in the practice test but the actual test itself is longer and is timed. If you know the material well on the practice exam, you should be all set. Remember to breathe and think it through and maybe even draw it out for visual reference. As someone who was less fortunate to have a practice test and failed twice, I know you will be just fine! Best of luck to you and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! See you in IFATC soon!


100% is an amazing score! Hope to see you with us soon :)


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