Applying for IFVARB Approval

Hello there
I am applying my VA for IFVARB approval but I’m not sure what the following two fields in the application form require:

Can someone please guide me about these


All available here in the “Application Process” tab

Read the IFVARB website, it describes it there, as well as a tutorial video.

@sqeezelemon I checked that but couldn’t understand properly. That’s why I came here

Oops sorry. Nevermind, Just checked. My bad

To add on,

You can find examples of experience statements & operations plan here:

Feel free to PM me if you need any help, best of luck with your VA!

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In the experience statement you fill in if you have had earlier experience in VA’s (like being staff)
In the other one you need to tell your operations plan, how are you going to do it? How are you going to achieve getting approved?

Thank you all
I just finished my application, Hope it gets approved * fingers crossed *

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Good luck, it can be a lengthy process sometimes! Have patience.

I’m a bit curious, which va will you make?

@Fung_Sum-sum Pakistan Intl Airline


This airline isn’t bad :)

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