Applying for expert server fail

I messaged a recruiter for IFATC and they told me my pics of my operations count wasn’t loading, so I sent him a message where the pic actually loaded, but I didn’t know if he could see it because it was on my thread, so I messaged him again separately with the same message I sent before, and he asked me why I sent him duplicate messages, and I said I was sorry and didn’t know how this messaging thing worked yet, and he hasn’t replied for a while, like a day or so, where he replied to my other stuff within hours, so I’m pretty sure I scared him off. Any advice?

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He is TL1, it says basic user

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Minimum requirement is TL1.


Oops. Sorry about that.

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Who did you contact?

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Wait for a reply and keep it to a single thread.

Contacting Tyler when it has been a day won’t work in your favor.

Recruiters do have lives separate from IF, with RW work, school, families, etc.


I contacted JoshFly

Oof I already contacted him, I’ll just see how it plays out. Thanks though

Take a 👀 at this, just for an idea as to why it might take a while for him to get back to you.

I’m sure he will get back to you sooner or later. Not to worry. 😃


Let’s review.

  • 28 hours ago - initial thread, no screenshot.
  • 25 hours ago - you were given a response to show the pic when possible.
  • 22 hours ago - you came through and provided the requested attachment.

Sleepy time. :)))

  • 13 hours ago - you DMed me again in a separate message with the exact same starting post you made in the original.
  • 10 hours ago - I ask why.
  • 9 hours ago - you responded, but withdrew it later.
  • 1 hour ago - you make this public inquiry.
  • Now - I return home from work + having to do boring adult errands like doing laundry (the horror) and getting some groceries.

And, as Smash linked, I do have other people to attend to as well. I’ve outlined this series of events publically for several reasons. One is to demonstrate how potential recruits could’ve moved forward to the written already if the proper information were given 28 hours earlier and thus avoided what followed. Second is implied with the contents of this thread in general; publicizing this rarely bodes well in an assessment of a recruit’s maturity and conduct if given IFATC access.

I will get back to you shortly. I do hope the Flyboi99 I found out of two potential ones with a violation to landing count of 223 to 64 isn’t you. Consistent callsigns are a must. :)


I think fail would be the correct word to describe this situation. Applicants need to have patience and an understanding that the IFATC recruiters have personal matters to deal with on the side as they are volunteers. Sounds like Josh laid it out well.

Tip: Don’t anger the warthog! 🙂