Applied, What Do I Do?

Hello everybody, sorry for posting this so late, but I applied to American Virtual Airlines. How do I know if my application is accepted? Will it be sent to me on IFC or something?

If this is a repeat I am sorry. It probably isn’t though.

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Hello @InfiniteFlightAvgeek, once you apply, the application will go to their database for an invite as long as you have passed any sort of application test. AAVA is a busy VA where they will likely get to applications as soon as they can throughout the day.

While we’re having fun tagging people today, ill give the CEO @Chris_Hoover a nice tag so he can see you’re interested!


I’ll give @Chris_Hoover another tag just to confirm that he sees this…

(Inside Joke)


Ok, thanks for the help! @Balloonchaser and @mwe2187

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Thanks for the tags everyone. I got the memo.

@InfiniteFlightAvgeek I’ll review your application shortly, expect a PM soon about your application status. Hope to see you soon! :)


As a general rule of thumb this would be something you would want to bring up with @Chris_Hoover via PM or in their thread, not an independent topic.

Just for future reference… 👍🏻

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Ok, thanks for the help everybody. this can be closed now

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