If I have submitted an application to become an airport editor, where would I find my results and see if I have been chosen or not?

You won’t know the status of your application until you are accepted. Right now people are being added in groups which are not disclosed. If you have submitted you application then you should be good!

Okay thanks. About how long does it take for them to review the application?

There is no reviewing per say, almost everyone who apple will be chosen…. It’s just a matter of when.

Depending on when you applied - it may be a while. Not even everyone who applied when the process first started have been selected yet.

To get to the point, since the above is kind of just noise, you’ll receive a message on the IFC from @DeerCrusher if you’ve been added to the scenery editing team. This message will include an invitation to the Scenery Editing Discord server, as well as some critical information for all new editors to take on before you begin editing.

If you haven’t received a message, you haven’t been added. It’s as simple as that. Additions to the team are done in stages via groups and may or may not be made known to the wider public in the thread linked below.

There’s no set timeframe as this can vary between groups, nor are we working to any deadlines on when certain groups are added. Simply put, groups are added when the Reviewing and Moderation team believe that we’re in a position where further additions are viable and will not negatively impact the day-to-day operations given that there is a steep learning curve.

To also address how groups are chosen, many factors go into picking groups, however, to just give you a rough idea, all the fields that you had to fill in when applying to join the editing team, including where you’re willing to edit and what type of airport you wish to edit, are taken into consideration as well. Suppose the Airport Moderators believe there’s a broader need for airports in Oceania, for example. In that case, we might prioritise applicants who’ve stated that they are most willing to edit in Oceania, for obvious reasons.

While the criteria set out for each group will not be made public to prevent widespread speculation and given that this just doesn’t need to be made public at all, it will not be disclosed bar the proportions for each region, which again, will be at the discretion of the Airport Moderation team.

Hope this gets right to the point that you’re looking for.