Application not open

I can’t open the application on iOS for long time , I need solve to this problem.

I phone 6 plus , version 9.0.1 ,( note: it was not open during version 8 also) stopped suddenly.
I don’t have jail break .
Infinite flight version is the latest cause I removed and re-download.

This is caused by having your phone set to a none-latin character language (for example, Arabic). A new update is on it’s way to solve this. In the meantime, the only solution is to change your phone’s language to English.

Thanks and I will trying.

Thank you very much , really the problem is solved by changing the language .

Glad it worked! There is an update on it’s way which should fix this issue so you can use your device in your original language. This is coming soon, stay tuned :)


Thank you .
I will wait.