Application Freeze


It’s been almost a year being an avid user of Infinite Flight and just like every app it has some good and bads.
Has anyone experienced their app getting stuck in middle of the flight and usually this happens during long haul flights. My phone is perfectly fine with best specs in the market and internet speed of almost 70 Mbps. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times but the problem remains the same.

Is it a common error for everyone or is it just me?


I recently had this problem, my IPad was hot so I put a fan to it and Cooled it down, that seemed to help not sure internally what’s going on


That is not the case with my device. It never heats up and my device performance is set to high but nevertheless the problem remains.

Have you tried lowering your settings?

Can you.please explain what you mean by “stuck”? Do you mean stuck in place, as if your plane was not moving? If that is the case its known and being worked on by FDS.

Yes stuck like freeze! No sound or any moment.

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No, i haven’t tried that but how does that help?

I’ve had this for the first time, yesterday. In the middle of a long flight, the IF app got completely frozen. Very strange, as I made sure I cleared my memory and closed all other app. And I had cleared my cache.

But I let it go, as this was the first time. Never had this before.

How often does it happen with you?

And a thought I had: can receiving a large amount of notifications (email, social media, etc) be causing this hang…

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Possibly your phone doesn’t have enough memory to run at high setting, I know you said your phone has the best stuff but, if I had take a guess lowering your settings may help.

There are a lot of topics on this it is very well known. I don’t think there is a reasonable solution to avoid this at this time based on past inquiries. However, I will say that It seems to only happen on high-end devices. I played with a lower enend device for a year and not one time have I experianced this, now for the first time, I bought a higher end, galaxy S7 and it happened to me the other day…for the first time ever.


Trying doesn’t harm, will do it. Thanks!

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Not just because of this app but i clear the cache and background running apps pretty much every time i use my phone but as someone mentioned on this topic that the FDS is aware and working on this issue.

I don’t think receiving any other notification should interrupt but it may slowdown the processing speed only if you have an old OS or smaller memory. Mine is 6GB RAM though.

Isn’t 3GB memory enough??

Hey so sorry it took a day to respond, I believe it should be? @schyllberg any advice?

I experienced the same problem today. I was operating klax tower minutes before and suddenly the app froze/hang. The screen was not responsive at all. I had to close the app and restart . This happened not once but several times in a time interval of 3 to 4 mins.

This has also happened inflight .

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I’ve experienced the same thing before. It usually happens to me and the end of a very long flight and/or being around a high number of traffic or an active ATC environment.

I found that restarting the device before every flight and not exiting the app once it’s open go lengths to avoid the freeze. Also, keeping background apps to the bare minimum helps as well

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Seeing as nobody else has asked yet… What device are you using? All we know is that it has 6gb of ram…

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He is using a Galaxy Note 8 (the US version). I am already in contact with him in the PMs to see what the problem could be.

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I’m just gonna let @Starley keep investigating this for now, he’s usually very knowledgeable when it comes to this. You know where to find me if I’m needed :)


There is another problem which happens on live severs and it’s happening from the last two updates.

Upon approach on any live ATC when trying to contact them it simply doesn’t happen and even if we get in contact with either approach or tower then it won’t switch to ground after landing whatsoever. I’ve tries few fixes by myself but it doesn’t help. I was even ghosted once for the same reason and then i had to contact support to restore my grade. I guess they believed me just because i had taken screen shots of the request sent.