Application for annulment of report

Hello everyone,
I’m taking the liberty of contacting you because I’ve accumulated a few level violations a while ago. If possible, I would like to get my grade three back and continue to evolve in the game.

I am currently blocked, could you please help me.

Please, you created the same topic in French. I answered there


Hello there,

As the violations you’ve accumulated are over 7 days old, they are unable to be removed. However, you can check your grade table to see when your grade will be restored, and your violation history can also be viewed there. Thanks!

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Violations aren’t removed unless they are shown to have been incorrect in the first place. If you believe that to be the case, please see the pinned topic in the Live section and contact @appeals with evidence within 7 days. Otherwise, I’m afraid you just have to sit tight and practice on the training server while they expire.



These violations cannot be appealed as they are over 7 days old.

Can you post a screenshot of your stats table so we can determine what you need to do to achieve G3.

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If the pilot has the replay then the violations can be appealed. Controllers are only required to keep replays for a minimum of 7 days. After that, it’s the pilot’s responsibility to provide the replay.
@Fred8387, if you have the replays then send them to @appeals so they can take a look.

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These violations are too old per policy for us to review.