Application error

For about 3 or 4 flights, every time I try to make a flight, the application closes sometimes when I’m descending, other times when I land, I deleted and downloaded the application a long time ago and it was fine but shortly after I started having the same problem, I have 24 GB free, I think it’s enough space to fly to IF

Device: iPad Air 3 generation

Hello there!

What graphics settings are you using? The Air 3 is getting on in age now so may not be able to handle the highest settings!

Hello! I have the configurations in this order:

Low, medium, high, high, anti-aliasing activate and 30 fps, the aircraft count is in the medium

I will probably sound like an idiot here but when was the last time you cleared your scenery cache in the app I had an issue like this once and tried that and it worked a lot better for me but no guarantee we had the same issue though but it’s always worth a try

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