Application Denied


I was doing a long haul last night and I woke up so I could step climb to see my flight randomly ended. I checked the replay and it said “Application Denied”. What does that even mean?

Appreciate the help!

-Cpt. Young

Do you have a screenshot of the error?


It means you were disconnected from Server, your network was not stable

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Were you still flying when you woke up, did your app quit, or was the simulation simply paused?

Oh ok. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Thanks again!

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No the app quit and my iPad screen was off

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This can happen sometimes depending on what other tasks the ipad is doing behind the scenes. Typically automatic updates will cause the behavior you are seeing.


I just had IFPAX, and IFAssistant running in the background

Interesting. Normally if my network cuts out, I just go into a solo mode.

Like Sir Chris said, an update or something in the background could’ve caused this as well. Hope it doesn’t happen again :)

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