Application deactivation

So I was doing Jeddah to Jakarta. And when I woke up, I had only 3 hours of flight-time.

• I departed at 12:30am pst and woke up at 7am pst
- I woke up to find 3:30 hours
• I checked my replay and apparently “The application deactivated” what does that mean?
- The application deactivated for 3,314 seconds~ 55 minutes
- I had an actual flight time of 6 hours and 14 minutes and only 3 hours and 30 minutes were recorded
• If the application deactivated is just disconnecting from live, wouldn’t my flight still be recorded? And when I were to connect back to live, wouldn’t my flight position be accurate?

My main question is, what is an Application Deactivation?

Application deactivation is anytime, you are on a different screen than the app itself. For example, simply checking your notifications is an example of application deactivation. You know the application deactivated if when you return, you are sent to a pause screen

Where do you keep your device at night? It’s possible if it was in your bed for you to roll over and accidentally go in another screen

I keep my device at my bed side at all times. What’s weird is before I fell asleep, I made sure I wasn’t on a different app

Unfortunately, if it’s on your bed side, it’s easy to accidentally click off of it with movement at night. It’s happened to me before and it wasn’t fun.

I’d recommend keeping your device on a table or away from you while you sleep

(Btw saw you at Jeddah. I’m doing the same route 😂)

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Yea, I had to disconnect because I had something to do at my scheduled arrival time. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what happens.

Thank you!

Wait but… didn’t you just say you didn’t disconnect it? I’m confused 😂

When I woke up, I decided to disconnect, because I have something to do at my scheduled arrival time. Sorry for the confusion

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The disconnection can be a number of things. Scheduled device maintenance, router rebooting/updating, internet provider maintenance. It is hard to tell after the fact. If it is a regular occurrence then you can see if it is the same time and try to find a related activity for it.

Alright I understand, I think this the first time it has happened, but If it happens again I’ll try and figure it out.

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