Application deactivating and reactivating throughout flight

Device: iPad Air 2022
Operating system: iPadOS 17

I’ve been having issues where I’ll set up an overnight flight and when I wake up in the morning my iPad is turned off. Often, the flight time simply pauses, meaning I’ll wake up with several hours left in the flight as it has not been active throughout the night.

I had a look at the replay of my most recent flight and noticed im getting a lot of Application Deactivated/Activated messages constantly throughout the flight. I don’t think it’s my wifi. What else could be causing this?

I’ve also noticed other aircraft have at times been a bit more jittery/laggy since the server updates were introduced - could this be related ?

I’m having the same problem with iPad Pro 12 2022 running iOS 17.3.

Yeah I had a quick look and there’s a few other topics with the same problem, but they’ve all been closed with no resolution… it seems there’s definitely an issue/bug but obviously it’s not affecting most people

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