Application Deactivated and crashing

Hi, so I while I was doing a long haul flight I was else where and when I came back to my iPad I found it switched off. So then I went back to the replays and it said “Application Deactivated” and I didn’t know what it meant. Btw this was 16 hours and I am not very happy. I don’t know what happened and I don’t know if it crashed or not I’m not sure. This is why I think you should add a point where it crashes and then you can then resume the flight Because I am very annoyed by this and has happened multiple times.

Sorry the “I” at the start wasn’t meant to be there.

Hey, sorry to hear about this. The most likely we for this that I could think of would be that you device timed out, or in an extreme circumstance, your plane ran out of fuel and ended up crashing (happened to me before)

No my plane didn’t crash I watched the replay back

I just think that I shouldn’t do long hauls anymore especially 16-17 hour flights because anything could go wrong.

I also think infinite flight should add a point where you can resume your flight if it crashed or it just came off.

This doesn’t mean anything significant I believe - this will appear in pretty much all your flight replays. It is not the app or plane crashing…

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