Application crashing


Whenever I try to hit “Air Traffic Control” on the Home Screen, the application crash, and have me logging in again.

iPhone XS
Infinite Flight Version 20.2
I have linked my IFC account

I the same thing happens when I press “Fly Online”


Hey Jens! We’re looking into this issue.

Can you let me know if it works if you Fly Solo?


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I have this problem to even when I’m doing air traffic control in TS

Solo is the only think that works at the moment.

Does it crash on any specific server?

Training server

I can not enter any servers

For me it’s when I exit air traffic and go back to menu it crashes also when I’m controlling airports it crashes.

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This would be a separate issue, if that is crashing every single time you’re controlling, can you open a new thread? Thanks!

Ok sorry I didn’t know

No worries, didn’t expect you to know :) Just helping keep the threads a bit cleaner so we can keep track of things

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Mine is crashed too 😂

Let’s wait, be patient

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We’re looking into this issue and hope to fix it asap, sorry to everyone that is experiencing this!


My servers didn’t connect and then my whole iPad shutdown and said it my iPad didn’t have any power. It had 35%. I tried rebooting it but it wouldn’t let me until now.

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this message also will not go away. I am in a solo server to see if the crashing would stop. Which it did. But this message only reappears after about 10-15 seconds after hitting retry. iPad Pro 12.9 (2019)

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This isn’t the case of this support topic, this is about the Application Crashing when trying to start a flight/opening ATC.

There should be another topic out there which contains your issue. Please do that to avoid clutter with this issue


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