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Hi, I run infinite flight on a Lenovo Yoga tablet. The application is quite unstable. It suddenly closes or it freeze. Impossible to play the simulator for more than 10 minutes. This is very you have a software fix for this?

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May I know your Tablet’s processor?

Lenovo Yoga in an Intel I5.

I’m running IF on a rather new iPad Pro, version 9.3.5, and it crashes about 50% of the time whenever I’m directed to acknowledge a reply from ATC. Mind you, if I don’t reply, then the app continues to run, but then I run the risk of being ghosted. Is this a common failure? How does one go about avoiding this, aside from always using uncontrolled airfields or being stuck on the Casual Server

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I have a IPad Air with almost no crashing ever.


Same here, Air 2, only crashes occasionally, however only on live. Maybe it’s something to do with the TTS engine?

Been playing if for agesome on a s7 and it never crashed

@drtystv the failires could be from updating to IOS 9.3.5. I haven’t updated it yet or it to have that yet.


That might be it, mine didn’t crash before. :/

It’s might something with the route, or airport, try different airport or route.

It happens randomly. Never happens on solo.

It’s happened to me when I start certain airport to certain destination airport, then use the same route it’ll crash, once I change route or change airport, there is no crash.

Anyway try reboot your device and test again.

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Lenovo Yoga runs a Intel Atom CPU, which runs terribly bad. There’s a reason Intel have choose to discontinue it.

Lenovo Yoga runs a pretty poor Intel Atom CPU. No, it doesn’t run very well with IF. But i wouldn’t blame FDS for that. There is a reason why Intel have choose to discontinue that line of CPU’s.

I confirm. I made now a test. The simulator is stable if you play on solo.
It crashes frequently if you play live, either it freeze or it simply
sudden shutdown.

September 3

It happens randomly. Never happens on solo.

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September 3
It’s might something with the route, or airport, try different airport or

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Having bought the iPad in the last few months, I have neither the desire, nor the cash, to buy an iPad Air, hopefully the bugs can be worked out with the latest iOS update and I’ll be set.

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