Application crash

I had a flight with a Etihad a380 from omaa to klax and suddenly the application closed and cancelled the trip, it happened over Tehran and it crashed. I use ipad.

Know issue, please check this

Clear RAM
Clear Senery Catch
turn Graphics down
if all still happening, then…

It is the latest version, I can’t get the old flight

What device are you on?
Were you doing anything when it crashed or just on AP at cruise?
Did it simply close or did it give any message?

iPad and just at ap cruise

What version? Original iPad, iPad pro 2018? iPad air? Etc.

You can get this on the about page.

But I can’t get get it back right?

iPad Air I got it arrow this year

What’s your graphics setting? All of them please.

It’s all medium and anti Aliasing off

Low power mode?

Yess it was

I recommend not to use low power mode for long haul flights

Turning Airplane count to Low or none always helps

Thanks 🙏 , but really there is no way to resume the flight

There is no way to resume that flight. You just have to start over and use the recommendations above so that the game won’t crash again (hopefully).

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