Appleton Regional Spotting

Hey what up! These are some photos from my 4 hour delay at Appleton International Airport coming home from AirVenture. This was my first time on the 717, and seeing the E145. Enjoy!

That last photo is my four hour late plane! Fun story, two random people in the airport next to me while waiting we’re actually using Infinite Flight on their phones! Just thought you should know you have reached the suburbs of Wisconsin!


Bonus: Which photo is the pilot smiling at the camera (sorta) in?

The second photo

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Great pictures! Love those United crjs!

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I could of been in the airport as you were there! Nice shots. I enjoyed seeing that stuff as well. It’s a nice airport.

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Love those jungle jets!!



Thanks! Yeah, they look pretty good

Really? What date were you there?

Me too, they look amazing

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I left the Sunday which was the last day of Airventure.

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I love the regional jets! Great photos!
Infinite Flight is getting ,ore downloads then ever!

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Yes, I agree. The regionals are great

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Oh, I left Monday afternoon!

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NO:2 is the pic👌

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Yep. He’s technically smiling at my dad taking a photo a bit away on his phobe

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