AppleJet Virtual | The Exclusive Company For Your Vacation Needs! | Official 2021 Thread

Welcome to AppleJet Virtual!

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Hello IFC members! We are AppleJet Virtual, “The exclusive company for your vacation needs!” We are here to share the love of Aviation in the North American, Caribbean, and European regions.

We are a community of not only aviation enthusiasts, but experienced Infinite Flight pilots and controllers wanting to share our passion with others. AppleJet Virtual is here to give you a unique flying experience within Infinite Flight. One thing that sets us apart is being able to fly our 4 General Aviation (GA) aircraft, while still being able to fly those commercial routes, and planes we are all familiar with. General Aviation is fun to fly and can even help you practice for your flight training in real life. Many of the GA aircraft in our fleet gives you that option! Many of our pilots however still love flying larger commercial aircraft and you can still do that with our 7 aircraft AppleJet fleet. We also focus on serving primary vacation locations across the globe. We welcome everyone and hope to see you all in the skies either flying with or for us!

Good Day, all! I am Liam, and I am CEO, and one of three proud Co-Founders here at AppleJet Virtual. I wanted to create a unique VO to allow pilots to not only be able to fly GA aircraft but the ability to fly commercially too.
Wanting to own a private charter IRL is a huge goal for me later, and this will set me up perfectly for my goals… Now it’s your turn as we help you with your goals. If it’s from flying for pleasure or becoming the next pilot to fly the next-gen aircraft. We’re here to help!
I hope to see you all in the sky!


Everyone, especially our staff at AppleJet, is here for YOU! Each staff member wants to help out in every way they can! We take pride in our highly experienced staff team and are super proud of their dedication to AppleJet. Listed below is our current staff team.

Board of Directors
CEO/Co-Founder | @Liam_McAtee
COO/Co-Founder | @SWA1997
CAO/Co-Founder | @Cooper_Marcukaitis

Staff Members
Chief Pilot | @Chicago_Aviator
Chief Recruiter | @zion89
Event Manager | @KSS
Recruiter | @Mihajlo_Lukovic

Staff Bios are found on our website.

Being mainly focused on GA, we have all of our GA aircraft becoming unlocked early. Once you have filed 20 hours within AppleJet, you will be able to fly larger commercial aircraft!

Trainee (0-5 hours)
Aircraft unlocked: CubCrafters XCub, Cessna 172

Second Officer (Checkride + 5-20 hours)
Aircraft unlocked: Cessna 208 Caravan, Daher TBM-930

First Officer (20-100 hours)
Aircraft Unlocked: Airbus A318-100

Captain (Exam + 100-250 hours)
Aircraft Unlocked: Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-900

Chief Captain (250+ hours)
Aircraft Unlocked: Code-Shares (when applicable)

Here at AppleJet, we focus on vacation hot spots across the world, however, the majority of our operations take place in the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe. With a focus on General Aviation, many of our routes are flown in GA aircraft, but we also operate larger commercial jets for longer flights. Our hubs are listed below.

Central Hub:
Milwaukee (KMKE)

Miami (KMIA)
New York (KJFK)
San Francisco (KSFO)

Focus City:
London (EGLL)

GA Focus Regions
Western US
Great Lakes
US East Coast
Southeastern US/Caribbean

Complete AppleJet Route Database

The AppleJet team currently has a codeshare with two Vo’s.
-Boeing Virtual
-Infinite Flight General Aviation Club
We are always looking to expand our database, and grow with other Vo’s!
Thank you for everyone’s cooperation!

Do you want to join our family and fly for AppleJet? A fairly quick and simple three-step process will get you flying with us in no time!

-You must be Grade 3 or above.
-You must be at least 13 years old.
-You must have a Discord account or make one.
-You must have an active Infinite Flight Subscription.
-You agree to comply with all IFC and IFVARB rules.
-You must have an Infinite Flight Community Trust level 2 or above.

If you are ready to apply there are 3 steps that you will need to take:

1. Submit an application.
Once an application is submitted, one of our helpful recruiters will contact you via the IFC.

2. Complete the Entrance Exam.
Once a recruiter contacts you, they will ask you to complete an entry test to determine your knowledge about Infinite Flight, basic aviation information, and certain scenarios.

3. Apply to the Crew Center and join the Discord.
Lastly, if you pass your Entrance Exam, your recruiter will invite you to our Discord server and will help get you set up within our Crew Center.

If you didn’t pass, no need to be worried, as one of our recruiters will direct you to our trainers. You will then be required to create a date and a time for training with a trainer. Once you pass your training, you will be happily re-directed to a recruiter and welcomed to the Discord server, and set up within our Crew Center.

Application Form

Thread created by: @Liam_McAtee and @Cooper_Marcukaitis
Logos developed by: @Butter_Boi


We, AppleJet Virtual Organization, are in no affiliation with Apple Vacations, nor Infinite Flight LLC. We are a virtual organization for a flight simulator. Please refer to for the real Apple Vacations.



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I’m so excited for the great times ahead. Cheers to all of the amazing people who have given so much dedication and effort to this brand new VO!


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Huge congrats to all of y’all over there at AppleJet Virtual, you’ve earned it!


Thanks @Butter_Boi and @Henrik003
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I am happy to be staffed with these wonderful, hard working gentlemen I have ever met.


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