Applejet Virtual Airshow — F-22 Performance

Sup y’all 🤙

Yesterday I attended and performed in the airshow event hosted by @AppleJet_Virtual!

Due to the three other performers needing to drop out at the last minute, I became the only performer there 😂

Here are the pics!

  1. Takeoff. I did the takeoff where you takeoff, fly straight for a bit, and pull vertical at the end of the runway. I can’t remember if this is a vertical takeoff or not but here’s my passing by @KSS in the CAP C172 and @SWA1997 in the TBM!

  1. Overhead view of a supersonic pass because it’s legal in IF 😎🔥

  1. Oshkosh airport sky view as I do a tumble trick with thrust vectoring

  1. Finale was a high speed pass, vertical takeoff, then tumbling trick

  1. After four noice tricks I know in the F-22, it’s time to butter dat landing

  1. Taxiing to parking after hand flying an entire airshow.

That’s it for today! Thanks for checking them out!

Which one was your favorite?

  • Takeoff pass
  • Supersonic pass
  • Oshkosh overhead
  • Finale
  • Final
  • Taxiing to parking

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See you next time!

If you’re a Dallas Stars fan please shoot me a PM and we can talk about hockey :)


Whenever I get TL2 I will be hosting a Oshkosh airshow event also the 4th photo is my favorite

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Thanks! I’ll be sure to sign up when that comes 🔥