Apple Watch/TV Support

Hello! I was wondering what if we had Apple Watch support. We could use it for like ATC or a Map or something cool! I don’t know you guys put some ideas down but I think it would be really cool. You could use it to control lights or track your flight (Live Flight hellooooo). We could also have Apple TV support so we could see our flights on the big screen and maybe use our phone/ I pad as a yoke. Or others! I’m making some ideas.

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Would this other request fit for this one?

Reminder that polls can’t be in feature requests… :)

Yes that is practically it! I never saw that! Thanks! Apple TV would be good too!

I personally don’t want Apple Watch support. I have an Apple Watch and it is too small to do things for IF on it


LiveFlight might be able to do something in the future with this though

Yes. Also remember the new Apple Watch 4 is supposed to have a bigger size and screen.

If it was added for the watch, which I think is more of a novelty rather than something more useful and the developers time could be better allocated elsewhere. Then it should have autopilot capabilities so you can change autopilot parameters from your watch to like stepclimb or stuff like that.

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By 2mm still not big enough to do anything major besides maybe checking how long your flight has been in the air and how much farther it has to go

Yeah. They also rounded the screen completely around the edges.

I kindve understand how the Apple Watch could work and not work. I think Apple TV will be cool to. But the problem is. Not many people have it…

You can already use an Apple TV now though to mirror your flight onto the big screen which is what you asked for.

Yes. But different features like using your I pad as just a joke with big throttle and the screen black

But again you can pretty much do that, you still need the buttons on your iPad otherwise you can’t fly properly. Having just a throttle and pitch/roll won’t get you far.

Afight. I kindve get you there. I guess I’m stumped…

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The new 44mm could be nice

I voted “Was this a good idea?”

That’s a nice vote! I’d vote that too!

I personally like the idea of the Apple Watch app so where you could see where your flight is you stats and that kind of stuff! It will give me a reason to buy one 😂