Apple V Android


I currently using a ipad but getting messages saying device is low on memory so assuming that my ipad is getting old it is the one when they first put the lighting port on. But was wondering if there is any differences between android or ios


iOS is much much better. There is a lot less bugs (that’s why Apple approve updates)


Apple have already beaten android 😒

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I have never used IF on an Andoid device.

I’m a little astonished that looking at some IF videos of Android users on YT they all look laggier than my three years old iPad 4!

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Thanks for the reply I will stick with my ipad. Wonder if infinite flight it will work on a ipad pro?

Yes of course it will ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

Reset iPad and only install the apps you actually want/need.

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@Makeaflightforfun The “Device memory low” warning is not referred to the hard disk memory.

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Laurens is Exaclty right

  • Apple
  • Android

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When that sign comes up it means that after you finish your flight, you have to close all the other apps and then restart your device

It still comes up with that even though all apps are closed and my iPads been restarted

100% APPLE is the best!!!

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Then I don’t know

Didn’t say it was. Don’t assume I am clueless simply because you are my friend. It is the RAM controlling all the apps/processes etc causing the message. Remove apps=More memory space for IF.
And by “reset” I mean restore to factory settings.

Why would you restore to factory settings? Just closing out the other apps does the trick for me.

The memory warning doesn’t really mean anything, of course it might crash once in awhile but that’s it. Just keep your iPad until you really think you need a new device.

Depends what the state of the pad is. For mine it took a full restore and all I have is IF on it. But I inherited it for free so don’t need any other apps

It’s low on processor memory

Yes but it wouldn’t affect you for awhile.