Apple unveils a $329 iPad that will have a fast processor for Infinite Flight

This is a discussion top for the 2018 9.7 inch iPad that has ben unveiled at the Apple Education Event in Chicago.
Apple unveiled a iPad at their education event in Chicago at 10AM Central Time. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the ipad is “made for using graphics and video intensive apps”.

iPad Specs.
Processor: A10 Fusion Chip
Battery Life: 10 hours
Has Apple Pencil Support

Does this mean the iPad will work great on Infinite Flight? What are your thoughts?


Well the A10 is the same processor as the iPhone 7 so it will most likely do exceptionally


if it is made for graphics and video apps than yes probably it will be very good

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Any new iPad does perfectly with infinite flight. No question about it.


I currently use my iphone 7 for IF and it works great!


Well there you have your answer

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I thought the Air 2 would be great too…but it’s not the best thing in the world tbh. Hopefully I can get my hands on this little bad boi

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The air 2 is nearly 4 years old. It’s near the cut off point of it becoming obsolete like the Air.


Tim Cook said the iPad will start shipping to customers and arriving in stores this week and will be available to order today!

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I have an Air 2 and it runs IF quite well on highest settings and it doesn’t get very hot. I would not call it obsolete.


I said near, and I have it also. It’s far from perfect for IF. It freezes quite a bit.


Honestly, I am really excited for this iPad to come out. Faster processor means Infinite Flight will run better. :)

I currently play Infinite Flight on the iPad Pro 9.7 inch 2016 and it is really powerful. I wonder how much more powerful this iPad is going to be.

So it’s now on the Apple store. It’s basically an upgraded iPad 2017 but it’s £20 cheaper.


Well, the A10 chip I believe is only a little bit slower than the A9X chip.
Of course, I’m not sure if this iPad has 4 GB of RAM.

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I’m still using my Air 2, although I’m starting to use my 6S Plus more for Infinite flight. Probably gonna get the new IPad Pro 10.5 when it’s gonna be announced.

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I’m using the Air 2 and I don’t have much problems for the moment. In rare cases I have a few freezes that occur for about 5-10 sec, but it doesn’t really bother me as I’m playing with maximum graphic settings. Looking at the complexity of the game I think it’s not really a big deal.
Talking about the heat, my iPad becomes a bit hot when I’m playing and charging at the same time, so when I take off/land or during manoeuvers, I avoid plugging the iPad and it’s all fine.


Just bought an iPad Pro 10.5 on Sunday. Figures lol


Same! Well whatever…

I am ok using my iPhone 7 now but I might buy an iPad this year or next at Christmas. This does look interesting.

Me personally using iPad 2017 but I saw this the same price!
Am thinking to upgrade and sell this one.
BUT I wonder what is the display?
Because iPad2017 the screen is not good? like there is a gap between the screen.
Like you feel the screen is not exactly on the glass