Apple TV

Please forgive my ignorance. But could I or can I use my iPhone to fly and it be displayed on my tv with the purchase of a apple tv devise


Yes you sure can it mirrors everything to it, I have both the new and old one and they both work :)

Thanks in advance first of all for responding
. so Is the picture quality excellent.

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Yes it’s good however I wouldn’t recommend it as your controls are on you or iPhone so it’s hard to solely look at the tv while flying

Depends on what setting you have on the TV.

Oh yes I see what your saying . But to fly different camera views while on auto pilot it would be nice .

I have done it before. If you need help just pm me.

I can take a picture later if you want?

Yes you can. I posted a Pic of this somewhere before.

I tried this with a projector and it worked, but I had to look at my phone to fly the plane. :)

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Yah! That is what I did! :)

I’ve done this too, the only problem is you can’t look at the TV and use the controls! Lol.

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