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Is there any remote possibility of getting IF on the Apple TV natively?

Here you go, this should work. :)

I was hoping we could have an app for IF, not AirPlay.

That won’t work. I’ve tried it on a fire stick and it didn’t work I would assume the same for apple.

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Well, thinking realistically, playing IF on Apple TV would be impossible because the remote only has that one clicker and slider. You can’t pull up with it (well, I guess if you used the slider it would work but that’s still pretty difficult), navigating the interface (adjusting trim, using rudder, activating pushback) would be difficult, and no one really plays games on their Apple TV anyway. In my opinion, if they did have an Apple TV app, it would be useless. Just my $0.02


It has gyro, and a few other games, Ex. Minecraft, kinda support the remote but realistically requires a full controller to go anywhere…

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Actually some games like Minecraft flat out don’t accept it…

Not sure the reason for original post, but if it’s to see the screen better here’s what I did.

I run IF on an iPhone and the screen is just to darn small. At first I used the AppleTV and Airplay method, but it was just one more thing clogging up the network. I then purchased a Lightning to HDMI adapter and now connect to my TV screen that way. It’s wonderful.

I also use LiveFlight Connect to allow use of my joystick and a modified version of Laura’s Infinite Flight Connector to control as much of the flight as possible from my PC (load flight plan; control speed, altitude, heading, lights; interface with ATC; etc.).

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Can you provide a link to this? I actually might want to run this myself!


The above link will eventually get you to the official API documentation. On that page are links to the sample apps.


That’s what I do for long hauls

So have I?
Natively means download it on the Apple TV which isn’t airplay.


oh my fault. Thought you were talking about something different.

The Siri Controller has the gyro and mic. In theory, accompanied by the other apps built for IF, and using the Siri Controller to toggle around in the screen, I can see it working. Granted, it may be a bit of a coding issue. I have seen our devs pull off some amazing stuff. This would just be another challenge for them, that I’d pay for too.

Most interesting. I may be duplicating your setup.

Exactly. Native means it runs on the device stand-alone without any other device needed to be used.

I mean, I have a flight simulator game on my Apple TV, but it is on the new one. I am pretty sure they don’t have infinite flight though.

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