Apple TV lags when hooked up to infinite flight

Can you give me some suggestions that will make this have no lag I run infinite flight on a iPhoneX
This only happens sometimes when it does the lag is real

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Well since the TV is mirroring your device, do you see the lag on your phone? Here are some things that generally decrease lag.

  • Turn on Limit Frame Rate and Turn off Anti-Aliasing

  • Close all apps running in the background before starting a new flight.

  • Fully restart your phone before a new flight.

  • Maintain a strong internet connection while running Infinite Flight.

Try doing a short flight and report if the lag stops.

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What does anti aliasing do

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If Apple TV is lagging then it’s likely a network issue on your end (signal strength). I have Apple TV 4K but it’s hardwired to my router. Runs smoooooth :)

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How do I hardwire it to my router

I think it’s because the Apple TV has some time from the response because I did the same same thing what you did and there’s like a 1-2 second delay. So it’s not IF problem, it’s Apple problem.

If you have the 4K edition it has a gigabit connection port which you would need a LAN cable.

In the back correct by hdmi plug-in

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That is the back of the 4th Gen.

Looks like mine I’ll have to try it tomorrow does it run infinite flight without lag then

I never experienced lag while live-streaming with the 4th Gen Apple TV and an iPad Pro 10.5. I’m not sure how well everything runs on WiFi though.

I use mine on WIFI, if you want I can see what it’s like with IF if that will help you in any way?

I think it smoothens out the edges. Not sure though.

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