Apple Steelseries Nimbus Bluetooth/MiFi Controller

There are tons of posts with community members asking about different controllers and joysticks being compatible with Apple products and Infinite Flight. 🌟 🌟 🌟 The purpose of this topic is to put a simple easy to read post up that will help someone find a clear cut answer for this question. There is a link for them on Amazon in case you decide to give the Nimbus a shot.

This is a one stop shop for those who want an option on a reliable way to leave there accelerometer behind on apple devices.

Here’s a link if you want to check one out they have them for as cheap as $33 on Amazon.

⚡️⚡️No I do not work for this company and I’m not being paid, I bought mine secondhand used on Facebook marketplace.
SteelSeries Nimbus Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller - Iphone, iPad, Apple TV - 40+ Hour Battery Life - Mfi Certified - Supports Fortnite Mobile

💥💥What you need to know💥💥
If you are looking for an Apple compatible quality product for controlling your aircraft in Infinite Flight I would like to recommend the Bluetooth/MiFi Controller made by Steelseries called the Nimbus.

  • First off this thing is amazingly user friendly and
    easy to pair and set up. It has a slick look, comfortable feel, and based on the weight feels well made. (See photos)

  • The price is reasonable and can be found 2nd
    hand even cheaper. (Mine was $20 on Fb maketplace)

  • The controller takes some getting use to but I feel like you’re more in touch with the movement and attitude of your aircraft versus using your phone’s accelerometer.

  • Infinite Flight supports the Nimbus and the steelseries Android counterpart the Stratus XL.

  • What does this mean for you?
    After powering up the Nimbus, Downloading the Nimbus app, and pairing, Infinite flight will assign a default function assignment to all 8 available. This means you will be able to fly, however I would suggest you visit settings and see exactly what those assignments look like to become familiar before taking to the skies.

  • Infinite Flight user interface for assigning functions is clean and crisp, and allows you to program one device and one keyboard independently of each other with terrific ease.(see screenshots)

  • All axis settings are customizable for sensitivity and null zone. Null zone creates a buffer where at full engagement on the set controller feature the Roll, Pitch, or Yaw can be limited to less than full engagement. (I.e. if you want full engagement of your roll or pitch to max out at 75% etc)

    The only downside I see as far as being used as a dedicated method to control your sim is battery life. The battery life is rated at 4 hours, you may want
    to have it plugged in for the transatlantic trips. Although I don’t know how many folks are flying from continent to continent on mobile, but I’m sure there are some.

Once you’ve gotten used to your mobile device’s accelerometer, switching to a controller is a little odd at first. I recommend you give it a chance though, I believe that for some it will give you the feel and experience that will make you a better pilot and make your engagement in flight more enjoyable.

With that being said I feel like the Nimbus is a quality solution for those who want more of an “in the cockpit” style experience for those who don’t have the ability or want to set up a joystick/yoke, pedals, & throttle setup.

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Ok my bad I read through and thought that was just for 3rd party software. Thanks

That’s what this is. Third party software.

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Here’s a video on how easy the infinite flight team has made it to assign functions to the nimbus and other controllers like it.


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