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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if the IFC supports using your own Memoji on the IFC?

Something like this (This is my Memoji)



Ion know. Maybe?


What do you mean by supports? You can use them as a profile picture or however you like as long as you are within category rules.


You can, but the Memoji will be in image form.

Like this…

I go to select one on here and then I drop it in the text box and then when I drop it, it doesn’t paste in the text box

You have to screenshot it or something similar of the sort, Mason.


@MJP_27 just go on a photo editor and screenshot it and then use that

I use pages when ever i do somthing like that

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I think Memoji are proprietary to iMessage they are not sent like a normal emoji because they are not encoded or sent the same way, even in IMessage it’s my impression that they are sent as an image, or video if you do the anamoji thing.


I just tried an app that gets it clear background.

It didn’t work

What I did to set up my Memoji for my accounts (not IFC as you can see tho) is that I logged on to iCloud on my Mac then I went into dev mode on google clicked on the Memoji image then went into the code script to find a link that gives you a jpeg image then you can add it to your photos and use it as a profile picture! I’ll find the link for the article that helped me so gimme a sec

it works just fine screen shot it from Messages

Move to Pages Past the photo in the center. make any changes including the background after that screenshot it again and ur done.

Is it ok if I send it in an hour or two bc it was on my iPad and I’m currently flying

Although Apple made them look like demons, you are free to use them as long as they are within category guidelines.

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