Apple Keynote


I hope I haven’t been the only one watching the aüple keynote today, where they presented a lot of great stuff once again.
The key things that matter for Infinite Flight inmyopinion are the new Ipad Pro with the HUGE screen it’ll be awesome to fly or and do atc, apple tv woth which you could surely make something cool too, (I haven’t figuref out whta you coul do with it regarding IF, maybe connect 4 different iphones to it and make a local multiplayer available? idk…) and last but not least: 3D touch! This could be a great addition to Infinite Flight! For example make the menu stuff at the bottom selectaböe through force touch, so with the camer angles or maybe allow people to whipe over the screen without making the instruments appear (great for filming!) and “activate” those instruments by force touching! The ideas are infinite (no pun intended).


I think the best part for Infinite Flight is the new iPad and Force Touch.


The iPad pro would run IF like in Matt’s desktop 😍😍 . With those pixels and resolution screenshots should be crystal clear!