Apple Keyboard is not recognised by infinite flight.

Hello, I have the rather annoying problem of where my apple keyboard (for iPad Pro) is not recognised. I begin with my keyboard attached and is working with no problems. Upon using IF on going into the control tab in settings, and tapping on the show devices icon, there it states 1 device, accelerometer 2 axis, 0 buttons. The regular pitch and roll work when physically tilting the iPad, but the commands in the key board section do not work. Is the keyboard even supported for IF currently, if so how can I resolve this issue?


Hm, i can actually test this. Does it work for you to type in waypoints in the map?

Anyhow, it’s the same here. I know there have been crash issues with other controllers when trying to assign keys.

I’ll have a dev look at it.


Yes it does work for typing waypoints and for airports.

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Yeah, i noticed. I’ve reported it to the developers, so hopefully it will be fixed