Apple iPhone SE 2022

Is IPhone SE (2022) a good device to pay with. Like in Southern California where there’s a lot of players. Will it handle that. Btw this is the one released like 4 months ago.

You’re good

Bc it not that advanced like IPhone 13

I have used the older SE and the 2nd gen SE for IF and both work perfectly fine.

Thanks bro

The iPhone SE 2022 actually has the same chip as the iPhone 13! It should be more then capable to run Infinite Flight into the future!

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I sometimes use the IPhone SE 3rd generation for when I fly or control but just be aware, your phone can heat up a lot. It’s a good device though

Yea u are good it is the newest one with the newest technology so it should be able to run IF just fine

Hello! And thanks

I have an SE 2022 and it works perfectly fine- basically it has the chipset of the iPhone 13, but the body and battery of an iPhone 8. So I recommend keeping a charger on hand

I have an iPhone XR which is even a tad lower in technology than the new stuff and mine runs it nicely

Okay, thanks

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