Apple iPad Mini 6 resolution issue

After using the new iPad mini the last 2 days I’ve noticed from the start that the game it’s not fully adapted since it’s not using the whole screen for the game, I believe it’s just a resolution fix over there so far I don’t have any other problems with it, hopefully it can be fixed, thank you and keep the great work! (Running iOS 15 and the latest version of infinite flight)

I believe the developers are aware and will have a fix as soon as possible. Please note that this is a device that was just released this week so sometimes these things occur when a new product hits the public.


Hi Diego, thanks for reaching out. Are you referring specifically to the padding to the left and right of the screen?

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yes indeed it’s like not using the full screen

My bad, didn’t see the black bars when I checked this post on my phone! We’ll look into this as soon as possible and get a fix out. Thanks for letting us know

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Yeaah haha im sorry but it’s hard for make the photo show the padding because the color black it’s similar to the border color, thank you 🙏

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No worries, not your fault :)
I think because this is a whole new screen resolution for iOS devices, so we need to rebuild the app using the iOS 15 developer tools for this to work natively. We’ll test this and try and get a release with this included as soon as possible


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