Apple IPad game wireless controller to use with Infinte Flight

I have a new 8th generation iPad with Bluetooth keypad. I am keen to purchase a Bluetooth Steel Series Nimbus (iOS, Mac, Apple) gaming controller that communicates via Bluetooth with my iPad. My main objective is to use the controller to assign ailerons, elevator, rudder and throttle motion. The keyboard to be used for assigning commands. Are there any members in this community that has:

  1. Experience with this type of gaming controller?
  2. Any alternative suggestions.
    I also believe that the LiveFlight Connect for a PC, although available as a free download, is no longer supported since January 2020. I can therefore not use my Logitech Force 3D controller. Any views or suggestions for a new aspiring virtual pilot?

Hi, will try to answer some of your questions:

  • In terms of using keyboard input for Infinite Flight, I’ve heard from @Maxim, who uses an Ipad Pro with one of the apple’s keyboards that Infinite Flight doesn’t detect it, will be happy if that’s not the case now.
  • In terms of connecting your joystick to IF via a PC, a new alternative popped up recently called MapConnect, which works just as well and is still supported.

Map Connect is not working these days and the user won’t get any benefits from downloading it… They have promised to release an update but without a time frame…

Hi Alexander, thank you for your response. Much appreciated. Once I have a success story, I will publish it.

Thank you for your contribution. I will en-devour to keep tabs on Map Connect.

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