Apple iOS 13 Beta

Hello IFC, I just got an email from Apple saying I could upgrade to the iOS 13 Beta. however Before I do do you think this will affect IF in a major way?

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I have it and IF seems a little laggier, and freezes more frequently.

totally off the subject is there anything i should look forward to in iOS 13 ;)

It will have Some Bugs But It’s Worth It I’m Using iOS 13 On iPhone XS Max

@iOS_Aviator we have a question for you.

Hi there,

All current threads relating to the ios 13 beta. Please refrain from creating anymore.


No problem @Qantas094
I will sort it out in PMs since it seems like there are already a few topics created…

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Your welcome mate, I said you first as I know you know how to handle this.

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If you have another device with Infinite Flight on it use that. Don’t purposely get it on the same device. I got IOS13 on my phone, but left my iPad alone and didn’t get iPadOS yet

Depending on what type of device you have, there are heaps of new features. I have the newest iPad Pro 11” and the game works perfectly fine. As others have said there may be a few lag spikes or glitches but there are no major issues! Good luck.