Apple IF app not upgraded yet

Am I the only IF person who had not been presented by Apple with the upgrade for the IF App?

Apple iPad mini model A1490 (32G) with iOS 11.0.3.
I have 25 out of 32GB used, so I should still have room.
Yesterday the App store presented me with updates for 5 other apps; all went fine.
I have rebooted just about everything in my house.
No network issues.


This is due to the App Store rollout being gradual. However, as many people found out yesterday, if you delete the app and install it from the App Store, you’ll get the new version even if you weren’t “picked” for the rollout yet.

This led to some server scaling issues, but FDS seems to be on top of them by now.


Hmm, that makes sense i guess. Thanks for the response.
I will exercise patience then ;-)

I consider this query as answered. Mods, over to you!