apple id?

I went on a plane that I don’t have and it says this. I’m not even on an apple device

Could you perhaps explain your issue a little more?

Based on this image, you don’t own the Citation, nor do you have an active live subscription, is that correct?

Aircraft cannot be purchased individually anymore as far as I’m aware, so you will be unable to access this aircraft.

Which device are you using and where did you download infinite flight from?

I use Samsung and I downloaded from the play store. I bought it but I saw that if u buy it it doesn’t unlock all the content and now I just want to buy a few planes individually without buying the subscription, and I know in the past this was possible. also in the thread that I posted it shows check apple id etc and I’m not using apple

When I don’t have a subscription, it doesn’t say this for me.

Okay, something isnt right here. You mentioned you downloaded it on the play store on a Samsung, but it is telling you to put in an Apple ID? Are you absolutely sure you downloaded it from the google play store and not a 3rd party vendor?

I bought it.

I just discovered that rarely when I open the game and go to a unowned plane, it says that thing with the apple id etc. then i restarted the game and then that was no longer there. but after many restarts I finally get that screen again with apple id. weird glitch or Internet bug?

This was prior to the current subscription-pricing model. Any previously-purchased planes will be grandfathered in, but future purchases are not part of the current model.

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