Apple ID switch

I want to make a new Apple ID for this phone but will keep the same data, I don’t have a sub but I were to make a new Apple ID and open IF will my past progress collected when I had a sub (old Apple ID) be lost?

If it says your data will be the same, I think you;re good to go

But if you’re not sure, call Apple support 👐

I synced my account with google if that helps

If you switch Apple-ID, you will loose ALL the data related to it. Data that is local to your device will of course remain.

That means that you will have to repurchase the app. If you have a PRO account since before that is linked, that data remains on our end and you should be able to access it just like you have in the past. I assume you’re saying that you have with this? :)


So if I switch Apple IDs I’ll have my subscription but none of my data like experience and landings with it?

I thought you said you didn’t have a subscription?

No, the data like XP etc for the account you have in the app is stored on our end. So that’s saved :) If there’s any previous in-app purchases from when we had that though, it’ll be gone since that’s tied to the account used in the store.

Ok yeah I wanted to know that, I wanted to purchase a sub then switch Apple IDs and wanted to make sure I still had the data after switching, thank you!

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You will probably have to reinstall and repurchase the app though. That’s the only thing.


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