Apple ID change

I’m looking into changing my Apple ID will this affect my infinite flight subscription

Most likely. You’ll have to cancel the one for your current Apple ID and get a new one for your new Apple ID. Your Infinite Flight account shouldn’t be affected.

So the subscription will be fine

Your account will be fine, you just have to cancel the sub for the old ID and start another for the new ID.

Yeah but what about the payment

You’ll still pay the same amounts dependent on the length of the sub.

  • 9.99USD for one month

  • 49.99USD for six months

  • 79.99USD for twelve months

(I believe these are the correct prices, correct me if I’m wrong)

This is 49.99USD

I’m already in the middle of a subscription

Ah, thanks for correcting me! Wasn’t too sure myself 😅

You can cancel and the sub will be active until the end of the period. Keep in mind you cannot get your money back from a sub.

I know that but will I still have access to live

Yes, you will.

Have you done this before

No, I haven’t changed my Apple ID but I have cancelled and purchased subscriptions in the past.

Can we call a mod to come talk me through this I’m unsure still

My best bet is Jason right

Sure thing, I understand 😉

@moderators a w a k e n

Thanks for calling them here I appreciate it

Doesn’t the Facebook account have something to do with it

Most accounts are through Apple ID, so you will mossy likely, if you pm @moderators, they can help you, and point you in the right direction to see if they can recover everything to a new account.