Apple/Google map finds

PANC best I could do lol

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The last time I checked WSSS, the only 3D part was the famous control tower.

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It’s the way they blend all the images.

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Seems like the map people failed a bit with that parking lot there. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that’s supposed to be there.

Just the way the satellite was facing. When the plane took off it made it look like it was going to the side

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This is 2d not 3d the topic says in the first comment post the 3d airports you find on apple/Google maps

Google Maps doesn’t even have 3D… 😂

Only Google Earth has 3D. If you tilt the Map in Google Maps everything remains flat.

Go on Google earth then its the same thing

Found this while editing YPPH airport. Click here for location


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