Apple Device connection to QuickTime Player on MacBook - Tutorial

Hey everyone!

I cannot add this into the #tutorials topic, however, a few months back, I found something cool for Macs! Today, I was telling someone about this, when I thought, why didn’t I let the IFC know as well?

Some of you know how to do this, but this is something cool that I found out about 3 months back. This is connecting your IF device to a MacBook and using quicktime to see it on the Mac. This is only for apple devices.


As everyone know (or may not), Apple changed their USB ports.

If you have a MacBook computer that has the typical USB ports, you can use an apple USB cable to connect the apple device you play IF on to the computer. If it has the new ports, you can use a USB-C Adapter to connect it to your phone or device:


Use a normal USB cord to connect to that and your device if you have the different ports.

Once you connect your device to the computer, it might ask some prompts. Choose whatever settings you like. Once you are done, go to the quicktime player. Click “File” on the bar and then “New Movie Recording”. Once you do that, then change your camera to the device used for IF by clicking the dropdown next to the record screen.

(I had already connected my device, so it was on the IF screen. Taken on MacBook)

Once you change it, you should have your screen connected to the computer. You can see your IF flights on the quicktime player while controlling it on your device.

(Taken from MacBook 2017)

You’re all set! You can now record the flight if you’d like, or you can play without recording! Enjoy :)

P.S: Someone made a similar topic, but it was closed ~2 years back. Plus, he didn’t tell how to connect! Sorry all Android Users :(

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It’s quite quick and simple. Nice to see it on a bigger screen.

In a sense, your device is almost like a yoke compared to the computer, so that’s awesome!

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