Apple arcade

Apple Arcade got announced at the event today. It’s basically a subscription service for games. Any talks on moving IF to Apple Arcade?

No pls no keep it separate

It’s a good idea!

Why do you think it’s a bad idea? (Just asking)

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It seems so much more streamlined to me. Just one subscription for everything.


Infinite Flight moving into Apple Arcade would be amazing, the Apple developers can help the current and amazing Infinite Flight developers make things such as, 3D buildings, Clouds, more Aircrafts.
@Joshua_Kincheloe the reason the subscription will be required is to pay for Apple Services like access to their servers and developers.

wouldn’t that increase the subscription prices?

I was reading about it too. I think moving it to arcade will be the best thing ever.

Actually, Apple Arcade does no allow for in app purchases


No, because the more users big apps can pull will counter that.
@Delta350 I mean the subscription would pay for the servers

Correct, I was thinking that maybe just live could be placed in the arcade service.

I believe that apps in Arcade are exclusive, and cannot also be on the genral app store

We’llsee for the future, but it might be best for infinite flight to downsize to only live, and a service like this would make live more justifiable for the masses.

This would mean less customers for IF and less money for more development

Yeah, I mean IF can be an Arcade exclusive only, that way it can pay for the services and maintain its full capacity

Sorry but i think Arcade = less users and less money for development

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We also have to keep in mind that IF Solo would be available offline because of the requirements needed to be an Arcade game

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If you look at other industries, especially music, subscription services really drive discovery, which is something IF could really benifit from.

Its just i dont think Apple’s sub service will cover the costs for further development if IF


Your entitled to an opinion an voicing it, and these little debates we have are amazing because of this

Yeah, that can be a problem but we really don’t know if that would be a problem