Appearing Circles on Map in Menu

I have always asked myself why there are always appearing circles on the map in the menu. They become bigger and disappear after a few seconds. Can someone explain that to me?

This is just a map of the different flights going on in different servers. The circles are usually when a random player on the map makes a request to the Tower, basically an activity map of different flights/communications in session.


Is the map in real time though? I’ve always been curious


Yes it is the real time traffic from all servers. You can see the FNF triangle really good on the screenshot ;)


Yeah, its a very cool feature with the global update and it is in real time.

Well, I was curious too. Now I know😉 Thank you!!


Illuminati confirmed??


No problem, and that blurred message… 😂😂


I don’t thing it is communications because you would see a lot more circles by lax Jfk and London. The circles seem to be random because they are all so coming from planes of the oceans far from land.

It’s one communication per server, pretty much a cycle. It shares one request from Casual, Training and then Expert. Im not sure if it still shows the messages (I don’t really stare at the menu screen too long) but the messages used to pop up showing what the person is requesting. It can’t show all the requests at once, that will make the menu very laggy and disoriented.

Oh ok that makes more sense 😂 I never look at the menu like that until today. I was looking at it for a couple a minutes just a while ago and wondering why there where no large amounts of circles coming from all the major airports at the same time. That’s really cool, I’ve seen the data from all severs on the bottem of the screen but never knew what it was talking about.


I’m always thought it was live ATC and stuff and I guess I was right 😉


Thats cool. I never knew what they were for.


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