Appearance in the Flyer Mag

I see Infinite flights own Laura has made it into this months flyer mag 👍


Laura pins post


Wow, that’s pretty awesome @Laura
Thanks for sharing @Thomas_Bennett
What’s the name of the publisher flyer mag?


‘Flyer’ it’s uk based and online. Unfortunately they have also run a 2 page tech review about a mobile flight sim and it isn’t infinite flight 😯


Ha! Is that also published this month? Who’s the mobile flight sim for tech review?

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Wow, this is cool!

Good read for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations on the spread.

Cool article! I liked how she paid for her flight school by programming, it shows that with hard work, anything is possible. Thank you for sharing.

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Definitely the best article in the magazine 😆

For anyone interested here is a link to the Magazine. It’s in the April 2021 release.


Wow congratulations @Laura! Great to see infinite flight in things like this so the community can get bigger!

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Just a polite reminder not to tag devs unless absolutely necessary… I’m sure it’s fine, just a gentle reminder

Definitely very impressive, perhaps we’ll get the rest of the staff in the magazine one day!


lts only by chance I saw this one. There was a chance something I submitted was being published again 😂😂😂

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Thanks for sharing :)


No probs, you know you’ve made it when you appear in flyer 😂😂 iv only ever made it as far as the QSY section when I got engaged 👍

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