Appealing old ghosts

Quick question: is it possible to appeal really old ghosts? Because once I got ghosted and I feel like it was a mistake by IFATC since the airport I was at was super busy, but this was a while back. About 6 months ago or more I’d say, but I do have the replay.
So is it possible?

Do you know who reported you?

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It said I was reported by ATC - Jake

The only ghosts that we can look at have to be within the previous 7 days. Preferably the previous 6 days because on day 7 your ghost will then expire.

Additionally, after the 7 days, the controller deletes their evidence against those in wrong doing. So if you’re wanting to recall something from 6 months ago, its long lost.


Well that’s unfortunate. Thanks for helping though

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Moral of the story is: Don’t wait so long. PM the controller right away.