Appealing a report / downgrade

I have a question about losing my Grade 5 status. My log says I got a negative report yesterday. I never saw a warning and I’m not sure what I did to earn this mark.

This is my first report. I’ve participated in flights for years without incident- doesn’t that count?

Please help. I’ve worked to achieve Grade 5 and hate to be busted down to a 2 for no good reason.

Who can I appeal to? Or do I just have to wait the 7 days.
Ken Mercado
Austin, TX

Who was the controller
Check your logbook
Maybe they can reverse the ghost

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Take a look at this and your good to go.


Just see who ghosted you and PM the controler…

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Hi Ken,

It looks like @MannyG was your controller. <—Click on his name and then click on the button that says “Message” to discuss this reporting. Message him and you’ll find out why the report was issued. Thanks for the help and understanding.